Welcome English Students!


This website serves a student handbook designed by a CSULB English student to help English: Rhetoric and Composition majors at CSULB get the most of their college experience. Here you will find information about the English department, career options for English majors, and resources foe English majors; both on campus and off campus. I have also designed a worksheet to help you plan your major courses. I have included some useful information for finding jobs both on and off campus that are relevant to the rhetoric and composition major.

I am currently a graduating senior at CSULB and created this website as part of my Multimedia Composition class at CSULB.  I used the information I have gathered here throughout my time at CSULB as an English major and would like to share it with you.  I found this information to be very helpful and had multiple pages bookmarked in my browser window for years.  I decided to compile them in one place as a one-stop-shop resource for rhetoric and composition students.  This website is meant to supplement traditional face-to-face academic advising, not replace it.  It includes information taken directly from the 2011-2012 CSULB Course Catalog and advice from a rhetoric and composition student’s point of view.  I hope this website helps you plan your major requirements effectively and that you see it as your own personal helper that you can access at any time from any where you can access the internet.

Please feel free to comment on posts with questions or comments.  If you are an alumni, please offer an additional advice as you see fit.

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